Not everyone is lucky enough to have a garden. With StrawBaleVeg, you do not need soil. You can have a StrawBale Garden almost anywhere.

Because you can have a StrawBale Gardenalmost anywhere. They take up very little space. Gardeners can put them on a drive, backyard, patio, balcony or just outside the kitchen door. As a result you don’t need much room to grow lovely vegetables for yourself. More and more people are dissatisfied with the tasteless shop bought offering, and are keen to try new varieties of vegetables simply not available in large supermarkets.

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The Grow Anywhere Method!

I had two strawbales on my patio. In them I grew lettuce, radish and beetroot. Nice and easy to get at. No matter how small your space, it should be possible to fit in a couple of bales somewhere and have the satisfaction of picking your own tasty tomatoes or crisp lettuce
— Simon CP Gibbins

With this fantastic method you don’t need soil, so it follows that you can have a StrawBaleVeg Garden almost anywhere. Whether its a single StrawBale outside the back door with a nice selection of crispy lettuces or a big ten-bale system growing a large variety of different vegetables,  the satisfaction of growing your own produce is terrific.  

If you visit our Facebook page you will realise just how many people are interested in this exiting new method of gardening. Its also great for vegans and vegetarians.

StrawBaleVeg gardening is very versatile. Whether you are a seasoned gardener, or a complete "newbie". Due to the height of the bales it is ideal for people with mobility issues. Also because you can site the bales almost anywhere, its ideal for wheelchair users. There are no sharp tools involved, making it ideal for children. We have customers who have a simple one bale system outside their back door, where they pick fresh crispy lettuce, and others who have ten bales or more growing a full range of produce. With StrawBaleVeg gardening everyone can have a slice of the "good life". Its also very environmentally friendly, when the bales become "tired" they make excellent compost.

Cabbages in StrawBales.