Strawbale Gardening Classes.

Applying compost to a matured StrawBale..

Applying compost to a matured StrawBale..


Strawbale  Gardening Classes and Workshops from October 2018.

Strawbale gardening is a fantastic way to grow great vegetables. Whatever space you have, its possible to squeeze in a strawbale garden. From October I will be running classes and workshops for those interested. 


Planting onion sets in an outdoor strawbaleveg workshop.

Planting onion sets in an outdoor strawbaleveg workshop.

We teach strawbale gardening in two ways. The first is that we visit your home and give the class. The second is where we visit a group or organisation and run workshops. Lets look at these in more detail.

If you would like us to come to your home and deliver a strawbale gardening class then find upwards of four like minded friends and suggest they hold it at your home. You then, as the host get the class for free. The cost per person for the others is £25.00 per person.


The second choice is for us to visit your group or organisation. In both cases we bring all our own materials. The cost for this varies with venue and groups size. The content is much the same in both cases,. covering all aspect of strawbale gardening, including the essential part of maturing the bale.

For further information please either email me at or text or telephone 07713717900 and I will be glad to assist. We also cater for open days/corporate events etc.

Thanks Simon.