Unique Strawbaleveguk Workshops

 Applying compost to a matured StrawBale..

Applying compost to a matured StrawBale..


Strawbale Workshops from February 2018.

I really enjoy getting out and meeting new people. Spreading the word about StrawBaleVeg gardening. With the price of vegetables going up, and the fact that people now demand more choice there has never been a better time to learn a great new way to home grow your veg, whether you have a garden or not.  Strawbale gardening requires no soil, so you can have a super vegetable plot almost anywhere, patio, drive , backyard , balcony etc. Workshops can be held almost anywhere. Tailor made to suite your requirements. These unique hands on events explain this exiting new method of gardening. Strawbaleveg Workshops can be run indoors or outdoors, the choice is yours.

County fairs, open days, nature days, fates, exhibitions, corporate events. These are just a few of the events that lend themselves to StrawBale Workshops. Also gardening groups, disability groups, vegetarian and vegan groups will find it a great experience.

During the workshop...

 Planting onion sets in an outdoor strawbaleveg workshop.

Planting onion sets in an outdoor strawbaleveg workshop.

This unique event will cover.

1. Why grow vegetables in strawbales.

2. Lets examine a strawbale.

3. The 'maturing' process explained.

4. Planting and sowing in straw.

5. Planting Runner Beans/lettuce/tomatoes/onions/and potatoes in strawbales.

6. Different strawbale systems. Which one suits your garden?

7. Disability and strawbaleveg gardening.

8. Hints and tips.

As I have said this is a hands on experience, and you are welcome to get your hands dirty. For bookings or any other information use the Get in Touch page onthis website or, contact me at strawbalevegukman@gmail.com